Techswitch has an excellent reputation for high quality learning program. Techswitch provides tools, services and technology required by the training solutions. Our trainers are experts in their respective fields providing knowledge about the cutting edge-products. Our vocation is to produce superior, in depth, valuable industry recognized practical training certifications that will vastly improve career opportunities.

Individual Training:

We aim to provide a well rounded curriculum that clears the path toward a successful career path for students, Professional employees. For students it builds medium between their academics and career. For employees who are currently part of the industry our training program will help you in advancement with your career. Your one-stop solution is our training program.

Our Job Focussed Industrial Training with Live Training is an excellent opportunity for students who aspire a easy career transition. Candidates will also work on real time projects under the guidance of our expert level trainers depends on the training package you are signing up. During our training candidates will learn the best tools and methodologies in the industry.

Currently we are offering training in Mobile applications, Embedded Systems, Web Development, Database Management, Data Warehousing, Enterprise Resource planning, Verification & Validation, Business Intelligence, Cloud services, Real time operating systems, web services, Application development, Quality Testing and Business Analysis.

Techswitch is constantly adding more programs and courses to provide our candidates with lots of options for high-demand career paths. Our training program is industrially recognised and many of our previous candidates were settled in successful positions. We even provide training sessions on our products .

Corporate Training:

When organizations want their employees who are engaged with their missions, values and visions, aligned with their strategic plans, and who have the skills needed to drive performance, they turn to Techswitch Corporate Training.

Techswitch’s Corporate Training provides a broad range of Training programs for Technical staff. Our Corporate Training programs focus on providing the necessary training to train your employees and consultants, so that they are equipped with the right expertise to meet and excel your Organizational goals.

Our expert trainers ensure that your employees are well versed with Technology and processes they are dealing with. We offer flexible training plans so that your employees can be trained at their convenience.

Our training solutions implements a unique, proven learning framework that promotes the effective use of the certification programs that delivers world-class training to our Global customers. Our courses get to the root of intricate subjects and bring clarity to difficult issues. With a mix of lecture, demonstration, case study, real-world application, and instructor experience, Techswitch simplifies the complexity of the challenges you face and leaves you equipped to succeed.

Internship Program:

At Techswitch we offer an internship program to our candidates which gives them an exposure to work in real time environment. This program is specifically for graduates. Each year, our program promotes and engages in a variety of internship opportunities across United States that are typically conducted all around the year. We expect our candidates to learn and develop professionally through this experience.

Techswitch Candidates are encouraged to explore career fields through internships and other forms of integrated learning. Through the Techswitch Internship Program, current candidates can take advantage of a structured learning experience. True internships fuse classroom knowledge with practical application.

Students gain valuable industry knowledge through shadowing, networking opportunities and hands-on training. Our Internship Program serve as a vital source for building a qualified candidate pool for permanent positions.

Apprenticeship Program:

Becoming an apprentice is the best way to begin on a promising career path. Skilled workers are in high demand by a variety of industries. Techswitch offers an exceptional Apprenticeship Program that will provide you with workplace experience paired with classroom training.

What makes our program different?

  • Versatile work experience through rotation system.
  • Full-time working status from the moment you start.
  • Experienced mentors throughout entire program.
  • Classroom training.
  • Generous benefits and progressive wages.