Process Improvement:

Techswitch helps in process improvement of its clients by revitalizing their existing technology infrastructure. We partner with our clients to create new systems in account management, applications development, enterprise resource planning, software architecture, security, cloud solutions and more. We follow a flexible yet clearly defined software engineering process that is based on an interactive consulting & development methodology.

The initial phase of the project involves transitioning the organization’s current database and applications. We produce many benefits including expanded service offerings (new revenue); increased workflow efficiencies like reducing manual intervention required in current processes, providing additional communication tools with its Client base and redesigning current web applications so that they are more user-friendly.

As with all our clients, Techswitch will utilize its proven, homegrown Custom Development Practice (CDP) methodology to ensure success with the initiative. This collaborative approach is the catalyst that drives the successful implementation of all software development projects.

Technology Enablement:

Technology enablement is more about people enablement. Before we develop a strategy, build a solution, or write a line of code, we look at the great things your people do, and then figure out how technology can enable them to do it better, faster, and easier.

We draw on proven processes and solutions that we use ourselves every day.Our partners are technology leaders that we regularly share knowledge and explore ideas with. And we never forget that technology enablement is about making your people shine and your company thrive.

When designed and deployed thoughtfully, technology can provide a “forcing function” by helping to optimize business processes, enable new products and services, achieve scale and consistency, and enhance the ability to manage risk and compliance. Additionally, clients benefit from Techswitch’s broad experience across all industries and enterprise functions and software – both emerging and legacy. This breadth provides a strong option for organizations considering broad transformation programs.